“Reconnection to the natural world is fundamental  to human health, well-being, spirit, and survival.”

Richard Louv, author nature”s principles

Breaking free from a silo mentality

With the DigiPause methodology, our prime objective is to integrating nature’s and wellness principles into the world of hospitality  to deliver personalized well-being

Connecting the dots between health & wellness


It is by looking at nature’s principle that gave birth to the DigiPause methodology. 

 Taking in consideration and blending the multidimensional value of  the five main aspects of personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual into the realms of the social, educational and tourism experiences.

Reflecting on the seven basic concepts identify by Richard Louv that can help us reshape our lives and he considers how humans can reshape their lives now and in the future:

  1. The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need to achieve natural balance.
  2. The mind/body/nature connection, also called vitamin N (for nature), will enhance physical and mental health.
  3. Utilizing both technology and nature experience will increase our intelligence, creative thinking, and productivity, giving birth to the hybrid mind.
  4. Human/nature social capital will enrich and redifine community to include all living things.
  5. In the new purposeful place, natural history will be as important as human history to regional and personal identity.
  6. Through biophilic design, our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, and towns will not only conserve watts, but also produce human energy.
  7. In relationship with nature, the high performance human will conserve and create natural habitat – and new economic potential – where we live, learn, work, and play.

Created with a 3 P mindset

To assure the most accurate results, we are using unique tools and methods to take in consideration your preferences and needs




Built with the 3 C principles

A human centric approach to wellness is key to develop the best experiences in the right environment




What or who



Develop under the 3 pillar of health and longevity in the Digital Age

The fountain of youth and natural antidote to a unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and digital habitat

Physical Action


Social Interaction

In a unique multisensorial environment

Every parts of our DigiPause- Wellness by design methodology  is meant to deliver unique

s.m.a.r.t experiences with a soft touch

With a s.o.f.t touch