“Finding a time and place to Pause from the digital world is the new essential.”

— DigiPause Founder Eric Bourgault

Over A Decade Ago

The Luxury Was To Have WIFI Accessible Everywhere.


The Necessity Is To Find Places To Take a Respite From It

In today’s fast-paced digital world, finding a balance between our online and offline lives has become increasingly challenging.

Overexposure to screens Is depleting our overall wellbeing and affecting the quality of our mental health. Action needs to be taken to lower the impact of this modern dilemma.

Taking a PAUSE from personal technology is now an essential measure of prevention to limit the consequences and effects of prolonged exposure to modern stress and learn new daily habits and behaviors.

Why you should go techfree?

Research has shown tech-free vacations can have immediate and tangible benefits, including:


Concentration and creativity

And foster a real-life tech balance


Health and restful sleep


Mental clarity and acuity


Mental clarity and acuity

Disconnecting from technology and taking time for ourselves is a fundamental part of our wellbeing.

— Emma Watson

But how and where to switch off?

DigiPause was created to answer this modern dilemma.

Introducing a new generation of digital detox experiences made available on your own terms.

Out-of-the-box solutions to accommodate everyones needs and preferences under the same roof.

Flexible and customized programs and spaces

Sustainable & health holistic health

Slow and meaningful experiences

Wellness experiences with a human touch in the digital age

Our cutting-edge methods and designed to withdraw from unhealthy distraction and focus into new activities – encouraging a healthier life-tech balance.

Our services


11 session Train the trainer program


Custom- solutions to your requirements and environment


Custom- solutions to your requirements and environment

Creation of digital wellness Programs & workshop

Conversion co-working & wellness space

Created for

Individuals and Groups

Inline with current demand and challenges your clients and staff are experiencing online and offline,

Find out how we can add a DigiPause touch to your next retreats or events

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Hotels & Hospitality

From boutique hotels and retreat centers to large resorts, we can assist you in the making of the most accurate programs and resources you need.

Turnkey solutions tailored to the changing needs of your clients

Wellness programs focusing on burnout recovery and digital health habits for your employees

A revolutionary wellness by design
for our time

DigiPause programs, services and methodology were mindfully engineered and crafted based on two decades of intensive work, studies and researches with doctors, neuroscientists and holistic practitioners around the world.


Tangible solutions to alleviate the addictive nature of digital technologies.


Counterbalance the side- effect of an addiction by design.


Redirect the flow of attention into activities, spaces and resources conceived to experience a state of wellbeing.


Counterbalance the side- effect of an addiction by design.

“I created what I needed most but couldnt find anywhere.”

The story behind DigiPause

Mission and vision

DigiPause is on a mission possible to make available mental and digital wellness a new reality that is available to anyone, under any circumstances and at any given time.

Leading the way to a healthier today and a brighter tomorrow.

We firmly believe that the antidote to addiction lies in fostering meaningful connections.

We aim to disrupt the prolonged sedentary lifestyle and the adverse consequences of unhealthy phone habits by promoting their opposites.


"The opposite of addiction is human connection."

Johann Harri

Past accomplishment

First National Day of Unplugging in Canada

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First Digital Wellness Day in India

Speakers from all over the world will join our experts to give inspiring talks on various topics. Stay on top of the latest business management trends & technologies.

Laughter Yoga programs and workshops

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