Remote workers, nomads, bleisure...

New market oblige a new mindset

Human Connection- the antidote to social isolation


This new reality is a utopian vision but a living paradox with what they are currently experiencing. 

Recent studies and research have shown that remote workers that are living in urban spaces are suffering from social isolation, loneliness and disconnection from their surroundings. It is also one of the biggest challenges for hoteliers who will need to rethink and adapt their offer and provide flexible alternatives to appeal new client’s expectations and needs:

Longer stay

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Personalized unit converted into studios

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New holistic services focusing on wellness

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No need to guess what your guest are looking for anymore

To adapt to this major transition, hoteliers must reimagine their spaces, programs, and services. They need professionals skilled in experience design who can bridge the gap between the value they offer and what clients truly desire.

Even with advanced AI technology, it’s challenging to predict guests’ preferences accurately. Sometimes, guests themselves are unsure of what they want. That’s why human interaction is crucial to identify and adapt intangible assets to meet each guest’s needs.

To address this challenge, a new set of expertise and metrics is required to ensure guest expectations are met. Despite technological advancements, guests remain human beings with fundamental needs.

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