I couldn’t find a way to escape from it (hold a board with a WIFI logo) so I created the opposite! (logo DigiPause) or finger pointing opposite direction

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Call me an accidental social entrepreneur

Back in 2008, In the merge of a digital breakdown, I went on a healing journey of self-discovery around the world. I was looking for natural refuges and solutions to pull the plug and detox from 20 years of ongoing screen distraction-burnout-addiction. 

During the first 5 years, I traveled around the world, mostly by bicycle and lived in countless communities and organic farms. By discovering and putting to the test ancient eastern traditions and culture, what I found was way more than a cure to online addiction, it is a new lifestyle and real connection.

It is by connecting the dots between the powerful impact of living in communion with nature, that I started noticing changes I was going through….

Disconnecting from superficial values from urban space to reconnect with  fundamentals and live a more conscious relation with nature was key to my online sobriety. 

By applying or experiencing the permaculture principles and healing power of nature, with the right dosage of social interaction, physical movement and having a sense of purpose, what I found was the key to unlock the secret to longevity and concrete solution to claim my overall sobriety from online addiction.

“To me, the permaculture principle is logical, in-your-face evidence that if your environment doesn’t nourish your body and fulfill your senses, your life will make no-sense!”

Based on this evidence and eager to test the fruits of my discovery where it is needed most, I spent another 5 years on the road, scouting and visiting hotels, resorts and centers specialized in wellness. Apart from the typical Yoga scene, I never found specific places or programs fully customized to match to propose this immersive slow-tech digital distraction-free environment or DIgital Detox experience.  

With the increasing presence of wifi in the hotel industry (Even in the most remote location!) what I found is the opposite!